New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


It looks like this guy was the sort to unwittingly attract trouble wherever he went. It was nothing unusual among high school students so it was hardly surprising to Tommy, who may or may not have gotten into quite a few messes at his old school.

“You might be pulled into a couple more fights in the future. It sucks but I wouldn’t worry about it much. No matter what, someone usually steps in to save the day if a bloodbath seems imminent.”

Tancho had its fair share of bad seeds but the students were mainly good kids. If they didn’t have super powers, they were at least very skilled fighters who could pose a major threat to any old bully.

"I’m not worried about a few more scuffles. I can handle myself. I was teased for as long as I can remember." Peter shifted and smiled sadly. "But only recently have I found, er, acquired the ability to help myself."

So far Peter felt like he’d fit right in at Tancho. Some of the people he has seen so far are really something different. Maybe one of these days he would walk out in his spandex suit and see how many looks he gets.

"So," Peter looked to Tommy, "you obviously have a super power. Unless you are really just the world’s fastest runner. Can you do anything else? Oh and I promise I won’t tell. I know the value of a secret identity."

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


He’s only a jerk because you’re a little dork, Peter, but it’s okay! He’ll warm up to you eventually, maybe!  Unlikely, or maybe likely, really who knew? In the end if was all up to Tony and whatever he wanted to do, and that was never very promising. No one needed Captain Tightwad around here, they were doing just fine, thank you very much.

“Definitely just you. But now that you mention it, I could go for a scotch.”

Tony sighed, chuckling a bit and giving off a slight shrug. This kid wasn’t really all that bad, in fact, it was kind of funny how often he frustrated Fury with how he was, and really they could get along rather well, so he might as well give him a chance. Build up that team dynamic, or whatever.

“Yeah, congrats kid, did they give you your celebratory blue ribbon yet? You can throw away the “you tried” gold star now, aren’t you happy?”

He snorted as he started to walk off towards his classroom, not really caring either way if Peter followed, but it’d be best for him if he did.

“Probably the latter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the former. Either way, we’ll find out soon enough.”

He better like me, ‘cause I swear, I am going to ask Tony so many questions about his awesome suits. Oh! Maybe one day he could make Peter one! But Peter would much prefer Captain America here. There wasn’t a chance of them getting into an argument over something stupid.

"What? You’d drink in front of an underage kid? Tsk, tsk, Stark." Peter smiled, and elbowed Tony in the arm.

Okay, yeah, that wasn’t very mature of Peter, and now Tony was laughing. Sure it was funny, but it was also majorly embarrassing. “Are you kidding? The most I got was a rustling of my hair and a “Good job, Kid.” This gorgeous “You Tried” ribbon is the only thing I have! Don’t I get a patch or something? Or a membership card?”

Peter watched Stark walk away, waiting for the man to beckon him closer. When no such thing happened, he shrugged and followed anyways. He wasn’t missing this chance to talk with his third favorite Avenger.

"I kind of hope it’s the former! I’ve been itching to get into my suit and swing on some webs! It’s torture…."

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


Tony’s expression fell as the webkid opened his mouth. He had read a couple of things about his social awkwardness and overall annoying points in his file, but he didn’t think he’d actually have to experience them so soon. He watches as the kid leans in, pretends to smell his breath, and makes a jab at his drinking. Yeah, real good first impression.

“Jokes on you, Parker. I haven’t even had a drink today.”

Tony, on the other hand, didn’t smile. He didn’t want to have to deal with this kid and his little quips. Maybe later they’d get along, but for now? No thanks. He winced a bit as the kid put an arm around him, and quickly moved out from under him.

“Don’t touch me. I’ve read Wade’s files as well, and believe me, I don’t want either of you here, but I guess it can’t be helped. Still, you can’t tell me it’s not a bit odd that Fury allowed another Avenger to come here.”

So what Coulson wrote about Tony was right. He was kind of a jerk. Well, not even kind of…he was. A huge one. Peter made a mental note about that, that’s good information to have. Maybe he would actually write to Fury-like he was told to-and ask him to send Captain America or someone else. A.K.A. Someone nice.

"You sure? Maybe it’s just me then." Peter frowned. For some reason he just couldn’t believe that.

Oh man! He doesn’t even smile does he?! Well, so much for asking him to have a conversation about science stuff. Peter let his arm fall.

"Trust me. I’m better to have around. I won’t continuously try to blow you up. I find it odd too. Fury wouldn’t let me move schools before but—wait…he…he finally called me an Avenger! Hah!" Peter stopped and remembered he wasn’t alone. Embarrassed with himself he continued. "I-I  mean—Who knows, maybe there’s something going on here in Japan or maybe he just doesn’t want us all around."

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


No one saw him? Well, that was just a testament of Tommy’s swiftness. Save for an indoor breeze, it would have been difficult to notice a speedster playing around, especially when one was heavily distracted.

“Sure. Maybe you have some powers or whatever that could have taken the guy out.”

He wasn’t being sarcastic, though he probably appeared that way to outsiders. The notable thing about this school was not its academic prestige but rather its students and staff. The moment he set foot on campus, Tommy could tell there were people like him present.

“So, are you new here, too?”

A seriousness fell on Peter’s face. “Oh yeah, I have powers. I’m Arachnid-Kid. I have the power to control spiders.” His faced cracked and he began to laugh. “Man, I’m kidding.” Man if he really could control spiders, it would make being Spider-Man all the better.

So this kid had powers, obviously, and he had no problem using them. Peter on the other hand was afraid to use his. It would be the one time he did, that he would be caught and then so much for a secret identity. So if Tommy had powers and Peter did too, who is to say there aren’t more super-powered people around?

"Yeah, I just got here. Strange how I already got into a fight…it’s a new record."

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


Alright, Stark, you can do this. It’s no different than dealing with the Avengers back at home – the only difference is that these kids are far more hormonal, and their voices are far more annoying.

Why Fury had thought it’d be a good idea to stick Tony in a school that was basically something out of an anime, he had no idea. In fact, there was probably no mission, and he was probably just doing it to watch him suffer. That had to be it, just had to be. Tony sighed as he strode into Tancho, back into the halls that trapped him here. Maybe today would be interesting.

Tony raised an eyebrow as he watched a kid before him literally get bowled over by some giant hulk. Okay, not the hulk, but this guy was pretty big. A fight huh? Well that could definitely be—

—wait a goddamn second, was that…?

He groaned as he walked over to the scene of the crime, shoving the older, larger kid back, and shooting him a glare.

“Unless you’d like to taste repulsor beam, I suggest you back off.”

The larger kid scowled and walked away, and Tony turned to face the smaller one. Of course he knew who this was – he’d read his files after all, one of the newest Avengers, though they hadn’t really gotten a chance to meet.

“Alright, Charlotte’s web, what’re you doing here? Did Fury send you or what? Is this part  of the mission or is he just giving me more brats to babysit?”

Peter started bouncing back and forth, “C’mon, put up your dukes—oof.” Peter was shoved back int the wall. “Again…?” He shook his head and watched the larger boy walk away. He glanced up and saw a familiar face. At least he’s read this guy’s file. The famous Armored Avenger. “Oh, hiya, Stark. It is Stark right?” Peter smiled and leaned closer. “Oh, man, phew!” He waved a hand in front of his nose. “You file did say you like to drink. Man it wasn’t kidding.”

 Peter smiled. “Y’know, I could ask you the same thing, Tin Man. And no, Fury didn’t send me. It’s not a test I swear…so calm your jets. Actually, I got a brochure and it sounded like a cool place to go. Fury did give me permission though.” Peter put an arm around Tony. “Oh don’t worry I’m not that much of a pain. Try hanging out with Wade…it’s much worse.”

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


A smirk graced Tommy’s lips as he leaned against a wall and admired his work. Wow, that sure turned out fairly well and this event might haunt the bully for the rest of his high school career. He wasn’t sure if this counted as a frivolous use of his powers, if not abuse, but he could always say he was helping someone in need if he were to be reprimanded.

Tancho was full of dangerous people, super-powered or not. There was no official explanation for this but the speedster knew that if one weren’t careful, it could spell disaster. Hell, it looked like this place could definitely use a few heroes on speed dial.

Alright, who did that? I mean, seriously, pants don’t just fall like that. I would know.

“I gotta say no to that sidekick offer but I’d like to take credit for the trick,” replied Tommy.

He was supposed to be inconspicuous during his stay at Tancho but a guy like him couldn’t remain under wraps for very long. It was like trying to trap a feral animal within a cardboard box.

“Name’s Tommy Shepherd.”

Peter looked around for the source of the voice. “You sure? Well no big deal. I work better alone anyways.” His eyes landed on a white haired kid. Peter smiled and walked over. “As for the trick well, I doubt anyone would believe you did that. No one saw you do it. And everyone thinks I’m the hero.” Peter chuckled. “He would’ve lost the fight with me anyways.”

This one was different he could tell. There was just that air about him. “Nice to meet you, Tommy. My name’s Peter Parker.”

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


“I’m Billy Cranston, a senior here” he smiled at Peter, he seemed like a good guy, even if he liked to talk back to bullies and stuff, but still good.

“I’m sure he would’ve came out black and blue.” he laughed, walking down the hall when he looked at his schedule for the correct room for his class.

“Uh, do you happen to know where the Word History class is being held, by any chance?” he asked Peter.

"Well, it’s nice to meet you, Billy." Peter smiled. "I’m a senior here too. Heh, it’s fun being an upperclassman huh?" This guy seemed alright. Maybe they could be friends.

"Oh believe me, he would have. I may be scrawny but I pack a punch. You know how you have to watch out for the smaller scorpions because they’re the most dangerous? Well that’s me but in human form." Peter chuckled and began walking down the hall with Billy.

Peter smiled. “World History 1 or 2? I know what class History 2 is, but not where it is. I just got here like a few minuets ago…and already got in a fight. Man that’s a new record.”

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


For someone who bore delinquent tendencies, Tommy kind of had a thing for heroics and he found it difficult to sit around while someone was in trouble. Then again, his past was the reason he tried so hard to be good. He was accustomed to more “dashing” displays but he wasn’t opposed to the classic “big bully vs. little guy” scenario.

He saw what happened from the other end of the hall, thinking the little situation would blow over within seconds until the big jerk had to get aggressive. Well, something like this couldn’t end well without intervention.  It’s possible that the poor victim might not need any help, considering how every other student at Tancho Academy seemed to have powers, but Tommy could use a little fun at the moment.

He sprinted forward, moving faster than the eye could see. The jerk didn’t know what hit him but soon enough he’d feel a slight draft below the waist and notice that his trousers had been pulled down to his ankles, courtesy of a certain speedster. Actually hurting the guy would have been a terrible idea but humiliation was another way to go. With that deed complete, Tommy zipped towards the side and waited to see what will happen next.

"This is your last chance, you big loser." Good, dig yourself in deeper, Peter, that always helps. The bully frowned and Parker smiled. Oh he was going to have fun with this! He was about to make his move when the man-child’s pants fell. Peter stepped back, surprised at the turn of events. "See, that’s what happens when you mess with Peter Parker." Peter laughed and looked around at all the giggling students.

The bully made an in-human squeal and ran, trying to pull his pants up along the way. His entourage stared at Peter then ran after the large man-child. Peter laughed to himself as the crowd dispersed. Man, soon the whole school will hear about this. He stepped out from the wall readjusted his backpack and looked around. “Alright, who did that?” He called out to the few remaining students. “I mean, seriously, pants don’t just fall like that. I would know.” He rested his fists on his hips. “Oh, if you tell me who you are, you can be my sidekick! And then we can fight all the crime here in Tancho!” That of course meant more than it seemed.

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}


Billy was just on his way to a World History class when he saw two boys having some sort of argument. One was obviously much bigger and meaner, while the other was smaller but snippy towards him.

Billy has been in this kind of thing before. He walks on over, stepping in between the two, forcing them to move away from each other, if only a little.

“Hey guys, there’s no need to fight, it was just an accident.” he says to the taller one, with a smile

“Plus, I think that’s a teacher coming down the hall, and I heard the school is notorious for having the worst detentions ever. Its like the Salem Witch Trials”

Peter was thankful for the intervention. He backed-off quickly. He didn’t actually want to hurt the bully, but who knows what would’ve happened when fists started flying. The last thing he wanted was to accidentally use his powers or something; Spider-Man didn’t exist during school hours, only Peter Parker. Thankfully the man-child-bully was afraid of teachers and backed off quickly.

Peter turned to the newcomer. “Thanks, man. I don’t know how that would’ve gone if you hadn’t shown up. I mean that guy would have come out of it black and blue.” Peter punched the air. “He wouldn’t have stood a chance.” He laughed. “By the way, what’s you’re name? I’m Peter Parker.”

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New School, Same Old Problems {Open/Intro}

Alright Parker, you can do this. It’s no different than being back home in New York…the only difference is that you’re in another place that you know absolutely nothing about.

Peter let out a deep sigh. He shifted his backpack which was already loaded with books. He slouched slightly as he walked towards the doors to the school. Who knows, maybe this time it’ll be different! Maybe people are nicer here? Peter stepped into the hallway. There were people everywhere, and what an interesting bunch. He walked down towards his first class his attention on all the people around him. When suddenly,wham!Peter Parker almost fell forwards. “What hit me? A truck? Ouch.” Peter turned around to see a much bigger teenager behind him.

Watch where you’re going, nerd.

"Uh excuse me, but watch where I’m going? I’m pretty sure you need to watch it.” The much smaller Peter Parker glared at the taller boy. Of course, instantly, the larger man-child shoved Peter into a wall. “You know, this won’t turn out well for you if you keep this up, buddy.” The man-child scoffed and and advanced towards Peter who held his fists out ready for a fight.